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Steven A. Conley

Annual, perennial herb. Stem: decumbent to erect, simple. Leaf: sheath open, loosely enclosing stem, glabrous; ligule thinly membranous, obtuse to truncate, minutely ciliate to toothed; blades ± cauline, flat, scabrous, veins minutely prickly at 10×. Inflorescence: panicle-like, oblong to narrowly ovoid, interrupted to compact, dense. Spikelet: floret and glumes falling as 1 unit at maturity; glumes ± equal, 1-veined, entire or 2-lobed, awns 0, or arising at tip or between lobes, awn straight; floret 1; lemma ± 0.5 × glumes, translucent, 5-veined, tip toothed, awn < glume awn; palea slightly < lemma, transparent; anthers tightly enclosed by lemma and palea. Fruit: oblong, smooth, enclosed by lemma, palea.
18 species: warm temperate Eurasia, Africa, South America. (Greek: much bearded) Some species ornamental. Polypogon fugax Steud. an historical waif.

Key to Polypogon

1. Glumes awnless ..... P. viridis

1' Glumes awned, awns 1–12 mm

2. Lemma awnless ..... P. maritimus

2' Lemma generally awned (occasionally 0 in Polypogon imberbis)

3. Spikelet stalk > 2 mm ..... P. imberbis

3' Spikelet stalk < 2 mm

4. Annual; glume lobed; inflorescence dense ..... P. monspeliensis

4' Perennial herb; glume lobes 0; inflorescence lobed or interrupted

5. Glume awn (2)4–7(11) mm ..... P. australis

5' Glume awn 1.5–4.5 mm ..... P. interruptus


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