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1. Spikelets in clusters, lower 4–7 spikelets in each cluster with a staminate terminal floret

2. Perennial herb; fertile spikelet surrounded by 6–7 staminate (or sterile) spikelets; panicle ovate; sterile lemma 0.5–0.7 mm ..... P. coerulescens

2' Annual; fertile spikelet surrounded by 5–6 abortive, club-shaped spikelets; panicle generally obovate; sterile lemma 0.2–0.4 mm ..... P. paradoxa

1' Spikelets borne singly, all spikelets with a bisexual terminal floret

3. Glume keels not or narrowly winged

4. Annual; fertile lemma lanceolate to ovoid, hairy except tip, tip ± beaked ..... P. lemmonii

4' Perennial herb; fertile lemma lanceolate, tip acute, ± sparsely hairy

5. Panicle lanceolate, branched, lobed, occasionally ± purple; glumes 4–5 mm; fertile lemma 2.5–4 mm, sterile lemma 1.5–2 mm ..... P. arundinacea

5' Panicle generally ovoid, not lobed, ± purple; glumes generally 6–8 mm; fertile lemma 3.5–5 mm, sterile lemma 2.5–3.5 mm ..... P. californica

3' Glume keels broadly winged

6. Keel wing entire to irregularly toothed, sterile lemma 1, 0.3–1.5 mm, awl-like ..... P. minor

6' Keel wing entire, sterile lemmas generally 2, up to 4 mm, not awl-like

7. Glumes scabrous; panicle narrowly cylindric, base truncate, occasionally interrupted, fertile lemma generally 2–3.5 mm ..... P. angusta

7' Glumes glabrous to hairy, not scabrous

8. Perennial herb; glumes generally 4–5 mm ..... P. aquatica

8' Annual; glumes generally (4)6–10 mm

9. Sterile lemmas 1/5 fertile lemma, ± fleshy to corky ..... P. brachystachys

9' Sterile lemma 1/2 fertile lemma, not fleshy

10. Sterile lemma scale-like, 2–4 mm ..... P. canariensis

10' Sterile lemma feathery, 1.5–2 mm ..... P. caroliniana


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