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Charles Allen

Perennial herb (in California), tufted, rhizomatous, or stoloniferous. Stem: decumbent to erect; internode solid to hollow. Leaf: basal and cauline; sheath glabrous or hairy; ligule membranous. Inflorescence: racemes 1 to many, branches digitate or raceme-like, spreading to erect. Spikelet: 2-flowered (lower floret sterile, upper floret fertile), dorsally compressed, falling as one unit, fertile lemma convex, positioned adaxially, subsessile to short-pedicelled, 1 or 2, in 2 rows along 1 side of rachis; lower glume 0, rarely present and then not on every spikelet in a raceme; upper glume and sterile lemma membranous, subequal, tip rounded, sterile palea 0 or rudimentary; fertile lemma and palea hardened, smooth, straw-colored; fertile lemma margins scarious, inrolled, clasping palea. Fruit: white, yellow, or brown, round to elliptical, planoconvex or flattened.
± 300–400 species: tropics, warm temperate worldwide. (Greek: ancient name for a kind of millet) [Allen & Hall 2003 FNANM 25:566–599] Paspalum notatum Flüggé not naturalized in California.
Unabridged references: [Riefner & Columbus J Bot Res Inst Texas 2:743–759]
Unabridged note: Paspalum boscianum collected 1934 as agricultural weed in rice field.

Key to Paspalum

1. Margins of upper glume and sterile lemma glabrous; inflorescence digitate; spikelets single

2. Upper glume pubescent on back ..... P. distichum

2' Upper glume glabrous on back ..... P. vaginatum

1' Margins of upper glume and sterile lemma long-silky-hairy; inflorescence a raceme; spikelets paired

3. Racemes 2–7; spikelets generally >= 3 mm ..... P. dilatatum

3' Racemes generally 10–30; spikelets < 3 mm ..... P. urvillei


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