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1. Leaves in 2 forms, basal < and generally wider than cauline, rosette well developed, generally persistent; main panicle branches forked at base (subg. Dichanthelium)

2. Spikelet 2.7–3.5 mm, 2–2.4 mm wide; upper glume 9-veined with a prominent orange spot at base, lower glume acuminate; ligule hairs 1–1.5 mm ..... P. oligosanthes var. scribnerianum

2' Spikelet 1–2 mm, ± < 1 mm wide; upper glume 7-veined, lacking orange spot at base, lower glume acute; ligule of hairs 2–4 mm ..... P. acuminatum

3. Stem, lower sheath generally glabrous ..... var. lindheimeri

3' Stem, sheath soft-hairy

4. Leaf blade puberulent abaxially; inflorescence generally long-exserted ..... var. fasciculatum

4' Leaf blade soft-hairy abaxially; inflorescence generally scarcely exserted ..... var. thermale

1' Leaves gradually reduced upward, basal rosette not well developed; main panicle branches simple at base (subg. Panicum)

5. Sheath compressed-keeled, blade folded at base; ligule ragged ..... P. rigidulum subsp. rigidulum

5' Sheath not compressed-keeled, blade flat or rolled under; ligule ciliate

6. Perennial herb, generally with rhizomes or stolons; lower floret staminate

7. Stem hard, almost woody; upper lemma with flat margin ..... P. antidotale

7' Stem not especially hard; upper lemma margin inrolled ..... P. urvilleanum

6' Annual; lower floret sterile

8. Stem, leaves ± glabrous; lower glume ± truncate, < 1/3 spikelet length ..... P. dichotomiflorum subsp. dichotomiflorum

8' Stem, leaves hairy; lower glume acute, > 1/3 spikelet length

9. Spikelet > 4 mm; panicle dense, spikelets in overlapping clusters ..... P. miliaceum subsp. miliaceum

9' Spikelet < 4 mm; panicle open, most spikelets well separated

10. Lower palea 0; base of upper floret without paired crescent-shaped scars ..... P. capillare

10' Lower palea present; base of upper floret generally with paired crescent-shaped scars

11. Spikelet axis not elongated between glumes and florets; lower glume 1–1.5 mm, < 1/2 spikelet length; stalks generally spreading, generally > 2 mm ..... P. hillmanii

11' Spikelet axis ± elongated between glumes and florets, visible; lower glume 1.5–2.5 mm, > 1/2 spikelet length; stalks generally appressed, generally < 2 mm ..... P. hirticaule subsp. hirticaule


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