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1. Corolla white to ± green or cream, < 2 cm wide; staminate flowers generally in racemes, panicles, or small clusters, pistillate flowers 1 or in small clusters, generally at same nodes as staminate; fruit generally prickly, irregular-dehiscent or not; seeds generally not flat

2. Staminate flower < 3 mm wide; fruit asymmetric, < 1 cm, beak ± = body; Desert ..... BRANDEGEA

2' Staminate flower >= 3 mm wide; fruit ± symmetric, > 2 cm, beak << body or 0; California Floristic Province, Desert ..... MARAH

1' Corolla yellow to orange, generally 2–12 cm wide; staminate, pistillate flowers 1–few, generally at different nodes; fruit generally unarmed (prickly in some Cucumis), gourd- or melon-like, indehiscent; seeds ± flat

3. Corolla > 3 cm wide, deeply cup-shaped, fused part > 3 cm; annual or perennial herb from large, tuber-like root ..... CUCURBITA

3' Corolla generally < 3 cm wide, shallowly rotate to cup-shaped, fused part < 1 cm; annual

4. Tendril branched; fruit > 6 cm wide; leaf ± palmately lobed, 1° lobes ± pinnately lobed ..... CITRULLUS

4' Tendril unbranched; fruit 2–6 cm wide; leaf angular or ± palmately lobed, 1° lobes, if present, ± entire or irregularly lobed ..... CUCUMIS


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