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Dieter H. Wilken

Annual, perennial herb. Stem: erect. Leaf: basal to cauline; ligule membranous, glabrous to minutely ciliate, toothed at obtuse to truncate tip; blade narrow, flat to inrolled. Inflorescence: panicle-like, generally compact, narrow, or wider in full flower. Spikelet: laterally compressed; glumes unequal, upper > and wider than lower, keeled, acute, lower 1-veined, upper faintly 3–5-veined; axis prolonged beyond fertile floret, bristly (occasionally with vestigial floret at tip); florets 2–5, bisexual, breaking above glumes and between florets; lower lemmas generally > glumes, awned or not, 5-veined; palea ± < lemma, tip minutely 2-forked.
± 30 species: temperate North America, Eurasia. (G.L. Koeler, German botanist, 1765–1807) [Standley 2007 FNANM 24:753–756]
Unabridged references: [Arnow 1994 Syst Bot 19:6–20; Shinners 1956 Rhodora 58:93–96]

Key to Koeleria

1. Annual; inflorescence axis, branches glabrous; glumes, lower lemmas papillate to coarse-hairy on back ..... K. gerardi

1' Perennial herb; inflorescence axis, branches puberulent; glumes, lower lemmas glabrous to minutely scabrous on back ..... K. macrantha


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