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1. Spikelet ovoid; inflorescence open, branches spreading

2. Lemma tip ± flat; anthers 3 ..... G. grandis

2' Lemma tip boat-shaped; anthers 2

3. Leaf blade 6–15 mm wide; anther 0.5–0.8 mm; stem 60–150 cm, 2.5–8 mm diam; lower glume 0.8–1.5 mm ..... G. elata

3' Leaf blade 2–6 mm wide; anther 0.2–0.6 mm; stem 20–130 cm, 1.5–5 mm diam; lower glume 0.4–1.2 mm ..... G. striata

1' Spikelet cylindric; inflorescence narrow, branches appressed

4. Lemma glabrous between barely scabrous veins ..... G. borealis

4' Lemma scabrous throughout

5. Lemma 2.5–4(4.5) mm, tip truncate to broadly rounded, crenate to entire ..... G. leptostachya

5' Lemma (4)4.5–8 mm, tip acute to acuminate, generally lobed or strongly dentate

6. Spikelet (18)20–40 mm; lemma (5.5)6–8 mm, tip entire, acute to acuminate; anther 1.5–3 mm ..... G. fluitans

6' Spikelet 10–23 mm; lemma 4–6 mm, tip generally lobed or irregularly dentate; anthers 0.3–1.5 mm

7. Annual or perennial herb, tufted; rhizome generally absent; leaf blade (2)3–12 cm, 1.5–6(8) mm wide; lemma tip generally 3-lobed; palea 0.2–1.5 mm >= lemma ..... G. declinata

7' Perennial herb from creeping rhizome, often mat-forming; leaf blade 20–30 cm, (3)4–13 mm wide; lemma tip entire to variously dentate-crenate; palea <= lemma ..... G. ×occidentalis


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