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Annual, perennial herb. Stem: generally erect, 6–200 cm. Leaf: auricle generally ciliate; ligule generally membranous, truncate, irregularly torn; blade flat, linear to lanceolate. Inflorescence: raceme- or panicle-like; branches spreading to erect; spikelets sessile to stalked. Spikelet: 2–17 mm, cylindric or laterally compressed; glumes ± equal to unequal, < to > florets, generally ovate; axis breaking above glumes, falling as 1 unit; florets 3, lower 2 sterile; sterile lemma glabrous or pubescent, firmer than glumes, awned or not, lower generally auricled; palea 0; upper floret bisexual, lemma membranous, becoming hard at maturity, 5–7-veined, awn 0; palea 1–2(5)-veined; stamens 3 or 6 (in California).
± 35 species: southern Africa (25 species), New Zealand. (J.F. Ehrhart, German botanist, student of Linnaeus, 1742–1795) [Barkworth 2007 FNANM 24:33–36]
Unabridged references: [Gibbs Russell & Ellis 1987 Bothalia 17:51–65]

Key to Ehrharta

1. Sterile lemma awns 2–20 mm; stamens 3 ..... E. longiflora

1' Sterile lemma awns 0; stamens 6

2. Glumes ± purple at maturity; sterile lemma soft-hairy, upper smooth ..... E. calycina

2' Glumes ± green at maturity; sterile lemma ± glabrous, upper transversely wrinkled ..... E. erecta


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