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Annual, perennial herb. Stem: generally 1–8 dm, erect. Leaf: generally basal; ligule membranous, truncate, rough-edged, or ciliate; blade 3–15 cm, 2.5–14 mm wide, flat, glabrous to pubescent. Inflorescence: terminal, spike- or panicle-like, cylindric, ovoid to head-like, dense; spikelets laterally compressed, generally paired, subsessile to short-stalked, of 2 kinds, 1 sterile, 1 fertile. Fertile spikelet: bisexual; glumes ± equal, lanceolate, 1-veined, keeled, awn generally 0; florets 1–5; axis extended beyond uppermost floret, breaking above glumes and between florets; lemma back rounded, faintly 5-veined, awned [or not]; palea ± = lemma, 2-lobed. Sterile spikelet: sometimes obscuring fertile spikelet; glume narrow, linear; florets 6–18, axis not breaking apart; lemma narrow, lance-linear, rigid, 1-veined, awned or not.
8 species: Europe, western Asia, northern Africa. (Greek: dog + tail, from shape of inflorescence) [Long 2007 FNANM 24:685–687]
Unabridged references: [Jirasek & Chrtek 1964 Novit Bot Delect Seminum Horti Bot Univ Carol Prag 1964:23–27; Lodge 1959 J Ecol 47:511–518]

Key to Cynosurus

1. Perennial herb; inflorescence cylindric; fertile lemma awn generally 0.5–1 mm ..... C. cristatus

1' Annual; inflorescence ± head-like, occasionally interrupted; fertile lemma awn 3–20 mm ..... C. echinatus


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