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Annual. Stem: prostrate to erect. Leaf: ligule hairy; blade generally short, linear to narrowly lanceolate. Inflorescence: panicle-like, dense, cylindric and exserted or head-like and enclosed by enlarged sheaths. Spikelet: bisexual, strongly compressed, falling as 1 unit; glumes, lemma acute or short-pointed; glumes <= floret, generally lanceolate, keeled, strongly 1-veined; floret 1; lemma membranous, 1-veined; palea generally 2-veined, generally splitting with age; stamens generally 3. Fruit: utricle-like, when wet gelatinous with seed emergent from split ovary wall.
8 species: Mediterranean Europe, Asia, central Africa. (Greek: concealment, from partly hidden inflorescence) [Hammel & Reeder 2003 FNANM 25:139–141]
Unabridged references: [Hammel & Reeder 1979 Syst Bot 4:267–280]

Key to Crypsis

1. Sheath margins hairy ..... C. vaginiflora

1' Sheath margins glabrous

2. Inflorescence length generally > 5 × width, exserted from subtending sheath ..... C. alopecuroides

2' Inflorescence length generally < 5 × width, base partly enclosed by subtending sheath ..... C. schoenoides


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