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H.E. Connor

Perennial herb; dioecious. Stem: densely clumped, erect. Leaf: generally basal with conspicuous midrib; sheath glabrous to hairy, fracturing into short segments with age; blade flat and folded, margin sharp and cutting. Inflorescence: panicle-like, plume-like. Spikelet: ± laterally compressed; glumes unequal, 1-veined; florets 2–8, breaking above glumes and between florets; lemma silky-hairy, 3-veined, tip drawn out, awn-like.
25 species: South America, New Zealand, New Guinea. (Spanish, to cut or harvest) [Allred 2003 FNANM 25:298–299]
Unabridged references: [Costas-Lippmann 1977 Fremontia 4:25–27]

Key to Cortaderia

1. Sheath densely hairy; panicle well-elevated above foliage; inflorescence stalk 4–5 × inflorescence length ..... C. jubata

1' Sheath glabrous to sparsely hairy; panicle at most only slightly elevated above foliage; inflorescence stalk 2–3 × inflorescence length ..... C. selloana


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