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Michael B. Piep

Annual, perennial herb from rhizomes or cespitose, 5–200 cm. Stem: decumbent to erect; nodes often hairy. Leaf: generally cauline; blade flat to inrolled, glabrous to short-hairy; ligule membranous. Inflorescence: spike- to raceme-like; spikelets generally 1 per node, ± cylindric, ascending to appressed, sessile to short-stalked. Spikelet: glumes unequal, <= lowest floret, 3–9-veined, acute to awned; florets 3–24, bisexual; axis breaking above glumes and between florets; lemma back rounded, 5–9-veined, acute to awned from tip; palea slightly < lemma, clearly ciliate or toothed.
± 18 species: temperate, subtropics worldwide. (Greek: short foot, from short, thick spikelet stalk in some species) [Piep 2007 FNANM 24:187–192] Reports of Brachypodium phoenicoides (L.) Roem. & Schult. from Sonoma Co. have not been verified.
Unabridged references: [Schippmann 1991 Boissiera 45:1–249]

Key to Brachypodium

1. Annual; spikelets laterally compressed; anthers 0.5–1.1 mm ..... B. distachyon

1' Perennial herb; spikelets ± cylindrical; anthers 3–5.5 mm

2. Lemma awn 0 or 1–7 mm, < lemma ..... [B. pinnatum]

2' Lemma awn 7–15 mm, >= lemma ..... B. sylvaticum


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