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Elizabeth M. Skendzic

Perennial herb, cespitose. Stem: erect; nodes generally short-hairy. Leaf: basal and cauline; ligule membranous; blade flat or folded. Inflorescence: panicle-like; branches ± digitate or racemes, long-soft-hairy; axis segments grooved, breaking with age. Spikelet: paired, dorsally compressed; sessile spikelet bisexual, glumes > florets, membranous, florets 2, lower vestigial, upper fertile, lemma translucent, tip awned; stalked spikelet staminate or sterile, pedicel hairy; spikelet pair and subtending axis segment breaking as a unit. Fruit: oblong to fusiform.
± 35 species: worldwide, warm temperate, tropics. (Greek: pit, from pitted glumes of some species) Cult for forage, revegetation. Reports of Bothriochloa exaristata (Nash) Henrard from Los Angeles Co. are unverified. Bothriochloa ischaemum var. songarica (Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) Celarier & J.R. Harlan, infraspecific taxa not recognized.
Unabridged references: [Allred & Gould 1983 Syst Bot 8:168–184]

Key to Bothriochloa

1. Stalked spikelet ± = sessile spikelet; inflorescence ± red to ± purple ..... [B. ischaemum]

1' Stalked spikelet < sessile spikelet, narrower; inflorescence tan to silvery

2. Sessile spikelet > 4.5 mm; lemma awn > 18 mm ..... B. barbinodis

2' Sessile spikelet < 4.5 mm; lemma awn < 18 mm ..... B. laguroides subsp. torreyana


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