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Bernard R. Baum, James P. Smith, Jr. & Dieter H. Wilken

Annual. Stem: erect, 1–6, ± glabrous. Leaf: basal and cauline; ligule 2–5 mm, membranous, rounded at tip; blade flat. Inflorescence: panicle-like, open. Spikelet: 15–50 mm, laterally compressed, generally stalked, ± pendent; glumes unequal or ± equal, generally > florets, membranous, 3–11-veined, generally glabrous; axis occasionally prolonged behind upper floret, vestigial floret at tip; florets (1)2–6(8), 2+ bisexual, reduced florets distal to proximal ones, breaking above glumes and between florets or not; lemma hard, glabrous to hairy below awn, awned at or slightly below middle, 5–9-veined, tip 2-forked, forks ± tooth-like, awn stiff, generally bent, slightly to often strongly coiled below bend; palea ± < lemma; anthers 3. Fruit: cylindric, longitudinally grooved, pubescent.
29 species: temperate Europe, northern Africa, central Asia. (Latin: oats) [Baum 2007 FNANM 24:734–739] Cult for grain, hay. California records of Avena strigosa Schreb. are based on misidentifications of Avena barbata. California records of Avena occidentalis Durieu, are based on a misidentification of Avena fatua.
Unabridged references: [Baum 1977 Biosystematics Res Inst Monogr 14]

Key to Avena

1. Callus glabrous; florets remaining attached at maturity; lemma glabrous or nearly so, awn of lower floret generally 0(15) mm ..... A. sativa

1' Callus bearded; florets falling singly or as a unit at maturity; lemma densely strigose or soft hairy, especially below, awned

2. Lemma bristle-tipped, teeth 2–6 mm ..... A. barbata

2' Lemma tip ragged or 2-forked, teeth <= 1.5 mm

3. Florets falling separately from glumes; awn of lowest floret 25–40 mm; leaf margin glabrous ..... A. fatua

3' Florets falling from glumes as a unit; awn of lowest floret 35–90 mm; leaf margin sparsely hairy ..... A. sterilis


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