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Ronald A. Coleman

Rhizome tuber-like, elongate. Leaf: cauline, alternate, linear to elliptic or lanceolate, gradually reduced upward, with 1 lengthwise fold. Inflorescence: generally spike; flower bracts leaf-like. Flower: perianth white to yellow-green or green; sepals ± equal, upper generally hood-like, lower free, generally spreading; lateral petals generally erect, lip spurred, pendent to upcurved; column ± erect. Fruit: ascending to erect.
± 85 species: temperate North America, Eurasia. (Greek: wide anther) [Sheviak & Jennings 2006 Rhodora 108:19–33] Identification often difficult due to intermediates, hybrids; additional species expected in California. Platanthera hyperborea (L.) Lindl. not in California.
Unabridged references: [Colwell et al. 2007 Madroño 54:86–93]
Unabridged note: In California, > 1 sp. often occurs in a given area and blooms at ± the same time, yielding many hybrids and hybrid swarms, including some that have not been named, e.g., Platanthera dilatata × Platanthera tescamnis, as well as others that have, e.g., Platanthera ×estesii W.J. Schrenk (Platanthera dilatata × Platanthera stricta) and Platanthera ×lassenii W.J. Schrenk (Platanthera dilatata × Platanthera sparsiflora). Some purported hybrids, e.g., Platanthera ×correllii W.J. Schrenk and Platanthera ×media (Rydb.) Luer, now treated as a synonym of Platanthera huronensis (Nutt.) Lindl., do not occur in California.

Key to Platanthera

1. Perianth white to cream; spur generally >= 1.5 × lip ..... P. dilatata var. leucostachys

1' Perianth green to yellow-green; spur << to ± > lip

2. Column generally 2.5–4 mm, ± 2/3 hood formed by upper sepal, lateral petals; lip linear to lance-linear ..... P. sparsiflora

2' Column generally 1.5–2 mm, <= ± 1/2 hood formed by upper sepal, lateral petals; lip wider than lance-linear

3. Spur generally cylindric, ± curved — lip lanceolate to oblong or linear-oblong, green-yellow to yellow; leaves clustered near base ..... P. tescamnis

3' Spur club- to sac-like

4. Lip linear to lanceolate, green, red-marked or not; leaves not clustered ..... P. stricta

4' Lip generally lance-rhombic, yellow, not red-marked; leaves clustered below ..... P. yosemitensis


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