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James D. Ackerman & Robert Lauri

Plant 10–130 cm; tubers, 1–4 cm, generally ± round; stem bracts lance-linear to ovate. Leaf: at flower 0 or ± basal, not in rosette, 2–5, linear to widely oblanceolate. Inflorescence: spike or raceme, generally cylindric, flowers not in spiral; flower bract generally < flower. Flower: fragrance, when present, generally at night; perianth white to green; sepals generally 2–5 mm, 1–2 mm wide, 1-veined, upper pointed forward to erect, lower free, spreading to reflexed; lateral petals ± = sepals, spreading to erect, lip spurred, pointed forward, down (or upcurved); column < lip; ovary inferior, generally twisted 180°. Fruit: ascending to erect.
10 species: North America. (Charles V. Piper, American botanist, 1867–1926) [Ackerman & Morgan 2002 FNANM 26:571–577] Some species difficult to separate.
Unabridged references: [Morgan & Ackerman 1990 Lindleyana 5: 205–211]

Key to Piperia

1. Spur 6–18 mm (2.5–9 mm in Piperia cooperi, keyed only under 1')

2. Spur ± straight, perpendicular to inflorescence axis; upper sepal pointed forward; stem generally < 3 mm diam ..... P. transversa

2' Spur ± curved, parallel to inflorescence axis; upper sepal ascending to erect to curved back; stem generally > 3 mm diam

3. Sepals white with dark green midvein ..... P. elegans subsp. elegans

3' Perianth green to yellow-green

4. Lip deltate-ovate; lower sepals spreading ..... P. michaelii

4' Lip narrowly lanceolate or lance-deltate; lower sepals ± reflexed

5. Lateral petals ± sickle-shaped, 2 mm wide at base, 2–3 × as long ..... P. elongata

5' Lateral petals linear, 1 mm wide at base, 4–5 × as long ..... P. leptopetala (2)

1' Spur 1–6(9) mm

6. Perianth mostly white or white-margined on upper sepal, lateral petals, mostly white on lower sepals, lip; lip pointed down toward spur

7. Inflorescence generally ± 1-sided; stem bracts < 6; lip ± ovate, ± obtuse ..... P. candida

7' Inflorescence ± not 1-sided; stem bracts > 6; lip ± ovate or not, ± acute

8. Lateral petals ovate to lance-oblong, white margins ± equal; stem base swollen toward tuber; fragrance at night ..... P. elegans subsp. decurtata

8' Lateral petals sickle-shaped, white margins unequal, outer much wider than inner; stem base narrowed toward tuber; fragrance in daytime ..... P. yadonii

6' Perianth green; lip ± straight to strongly upcurved above middle

9. Spur < lip, 1–2.5 mm; leaves grass-like, erect, 3–10(19) mm wide ..... P. colemanii

9' Spur >= lip, 2–9 mm; leaves not grass-like, prostrate to spreading, (5)10–40 mm wide

10. Lateral petals linear, 4–5 × longer than wide; spur tapered; fragrance lemony or otherwise pleasant but not honey-like ..... P. leptopetala (2)

10' Lateral petals lanceolate to deltate-ovate, < 3.5 × longer than wide; spur cylindric, blunt; fragrance musky, soapy, or honey-like

11. Inflorescence axis <= peduncle; lip deltate-ovate; fragrance honey-like; stem long-tapered toward tuber ..... P. cooperi

11' Inflorescence axis generally > peduncle; lip broadly ovate to lance-elliptic; fragrance musky, soapy, or honey-like; stem uniform or swollen toward tuber ..... P. unalascensis


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