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Ronald A. Coleman, L.K. Magrath, Dieter H. Wilken & William F. Jennings

Rhizomes slender. Leaf: cauline, 2, ± opposite, generally ovate to ± round. Inflorescence: raceme, ± open; flower bract < flower. Flower: sepals ± equal, green to ± purple, lower spreading; lateral petals ± like sepals, ascending to erect; lip generally > sepals, petals, spreading to descending, generally wedge-shaped, flat, tip entire to deeply lobed; column subcylindric, straight to curved, anther at tip. Fruit: generally spreading.
± 25 species: temperate, arctic North America, Eurasia. (Martin Lister, English naturalist, 1638–1711) [Coleman 1995 Wild Orchids Calif. Cornell Univ] Names available in Neottia (earlier name), with same epithets, for all California taxa if Listera treated as congeneric with that genus.

Key to Listera

1. Lip deeply 2-lobed; leaf base cordate ..... L. cordata

1' Lip not lobed, tip ± entire or notched; leaf base abruptly tapered or rounded

2. Lip 4.5–7 mm, tapered to base, base wider than column base, generally with 2 short, thread-like teeth, tip ± entire ..... L. banksiana

2' Lip 8–13 mm, abruptly narrowed to claw, claw ± as wide as column base, teeth indistinct, tip notched ..... L. convallarioides


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