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Shrub, evergreen. Stem: < 2.5 m. Leaf: generally opposite, petioled or not; stipules 0. Inflorescence: panicle-like or flowers 1. Flower: sepals 3 or 5; petals 4–5, white (often drying ± yellow) or rose to purple, with red or yellow near base or not, often ± wrinkled; ovary 1-chambered, placentas 5, style 0 or 1, stigma large, hemispheric, 5–12-lobed. Fruit: valves 5–12.
± 20 species: Mediterranean; cultivated as ornamental. (Ancient Greek name) [Guzman & Vargas 2005 Molec Phylogen Evol 37:644–660] Plants including hybrids sometimes escape cultivation; scented resin from some species may be myrrh of biblical, other references.

Key to Cistus

1. Sepals 3; flowers 1 at ends of lateral branchlets ..... C. ladanifer

1' Sepals 5; flowers generally in panicle-like cymes

2. Style thread-like, ± = stamens; petals rose to purple ..... C. incanus

2' Style ± 0; petals white (often drying ± yellow), with red or yellow near base or not

3. Leaf petioled, blade ovate to elliptic, main veins from base generally 1; pedicel 10–100 mm ..... C. salviifolius

3' Leaf sessile, linear to lance-linear or linear- to ovate-oblong, main veins from base generally 3; pedicel 5–15 mm ..... C. monspeliensis


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