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Key to Stellaria

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1. Annual, from slender to thread-like taproot

2. Leaves crowded near base, upper lance-linear (to ovate); internode hairs 0 or scattered; bracts scarious ..... S. nitens

2' Leaves ± evenly spaced, ± ovate; internode hairs in line; bracts leaf-like

3. Sepals 2–3 mm, < 4 mm in fruit; petals 0; seeds 0.7–0.8 mm, yellow- to light red-brown ..... S. pallida

3' Sepals 3–6 mm, > 6 mm in fruit; petals generally present; seeds 0.9–1.7 mm, dark red- or purple-brown to brown

4. Sepals 3–4.5 mm; seeds 0.9–1.3 mm, tubercles rounded ..... S. media

4' Sepals 5–6 mm; seeds 1.1–1.7 mm, tubercles conical, especially on margin ..... S. neglecta

1' Perennial herb, from slender rhizomes

5. Plant covered (except ± leaves) with long wavy hairs — coastal ± marshes, bluffs, North Coast, Central Coast ..... S. littoralis

5' Plant glabrous or hairs restricted to stem or leaf margin

6. Petals >= sepals

7. Inflorescence ± narrow; pedicels ascending to erect; flowers generally 1–7 ..... S. longipes subsp. longipes

7' Inflorescence open, branches widely spreading; pedicels spreading or reflexed; flowers generally many

8. Sepals 4–5.5 mm, margin densely ciliate or not; inflorescence terminal; seeds with prominent, elongate tubercles; leaf margin ± not papillate, shiny ..... S. graminea

8' Sepals 3–4 mm, margin ± glabrous; inflorescence lateral; seeds minutely roughened; leaf margin papillate, dull ..... S. longifolia

6' Petals < 0.8 × sepals or 0

9. Flowers few (alpine) to many, in umbel-like cyme; bracts scarious; pedicels in fruit spreading to reflexed; petals 0 ..... S. umbellata

9' Flowers 1 in axils or few to many in terminal cyme; bracts leaf-like; pedicels in fruit spreading to recurved or reflexed; petals present or 0

10. Flowers 1 in axils; petals generally 0; leaf ± ovate

11. Sepals generally 5, acute or acuminate, ribs in fruit 3; leaf margin ± wavy, glabrous; seeds 0.8–1 mm ..... S. crispa

11' Sepals generally 4, ± obtuse, ribs in fruit 1, obscure; leaf margin ± flat, generally ciliate near base; seeds 0.6–0.7 mm ..... S. obtusa

10' Flowers generally few to many in terminal or axillary cymes; petals generally present; leaf lanceolate to ovate

12. Leaf ± lanceolate to widely so, primary blades mostly > 2 cm, margin papillate, dull; internodes generally finely papillate; sepals 3–3.5 mm, in fruit < 4.5 mm, with generally 3 ribs; styles generally 0.9–1.6 mm, slender, straight (often contorted on dried specimens) ..... S. borealis subsp. sitchana

12' Leaf elliptic to ovate, primary blades mostly < 2 cm, margin ± not papillate, shiny; internodes not papillate; sepals 1.5–2.5 mm, in fruit < 3 mm, with generally 1–3 obscure veins; styles generally 0.5–0.9 mm, thick, outcurved ..... S. calycantha


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