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Key to Minuartia

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1. Annual, not cespitose, not mat-forming

2. Inflorescence ± glandular-hairy; leaf (5)10–30 mm; seed 1.3–2 mm

3. Leaves ± evenly spaced, thread-like, generally 0.3 mm wide, flexible, becoming curled; seeds red-brown, margin thin, wing-like ..... M. douglasii

3' Leaves mostly near base, lance-linear, 1–1.5(2.5) mm wide, rigid, recurved; seeds brown to black-brown, margin thick, not wing-like ..... M. howellii

2' Inflorescence glabrous; leaf 1.5–7(10) mm; seed 0.4–1 mm

4. Petals < sepals or 0; plant 1–5 cm; leaf, sepal with generally 1, often faint vein ..... M. pusilla

4' Petals 1–1.8 × sepals; plant (1)2–20(25) cm; leaf abaxially with 1 faint vein or 3 veins with 1 prominent, sepal with ± 3 faint veins or 3 or 5 prominent ribs

5. Petals 1.5–1.8 × sepals; leaf vein1, faint abaxially; sepal with 3 faint veins, lateral pair rarely extending to tip ..... M. californica

5' Petals 1–1.3 × sepals; lf veins 3, 1 prominent abaxially; sepal with 3 or 5 prominent ribs, lateral pair converging with midrib at tip ..... M. cismontana

1' Perennial herb, cespitose to mat-forming

6. Sepal tip narrowly rounded, margin incurved ..... M. obtusiloba

6' Sepal tip acute to acuminate, margin not incurved

7. Plant ± densely cespitose, stem decumbent to erect; taproot < 1.5 mm diam

8. Petals ± 0.8–1 × sepals; plant glandular-hairy ..... M. rubella

8' Petals 0; plant glabrous ..... M. stricta

7' Plant mat-forming, rhizomes elongate and stem or stolons trailing; taproot > 3 mm diam

9. Plant densely glandular-hairy ..... M. nuttallii

10. Leaf recurved; sepal ribs (1)3, ± equally prominent ..... var. fragilis

10' Leaf straight or ± recurved; sepal ribs 1 or 3, lateral pair 0 or less prominent

11. Petals 0.7–0.9 × sepals; Klamath Ranges, High Cascade Range, High Sierra Nevada, San Gabriel Mountains, East of Sierra Nevada ..... var. gracilis

11' Petals 1.1–1.6 × sepals; Northwestern California, High Cascade Range, c High Sierra Nevada, Warner Mountains ..... var. gregaria

9' Plant generally glabrous or ± sparsely glandular-hairy especially in inflorescence; stem, leaves ± glabrous

12. Sepals 5–6 mm, in flower generally 3-ribbed; petals 0.7–0.9 × sepals ..... M. decumbens

12' Sepals 2.5–4.8 mm, in flower faintly 1–3-veined; petals 1.4–2.2 × sepals

13. Plant glaucous; flower stem from branching rhizomes; leaves > internodes; axillary leaves well developed ..... M. rosei

13' Plant gray-green; flower stem from stolons; leaves often < internodes; axillary leaves weakly developed ..... M. stolonifera


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