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Gary L. Hannan

Annual [perennial herb]; sap white, orange, or red. Leaf: basal and cauline [or basal], deeply pinnate-lobed, glabrous or hairy, glaucous or not. Inflorescence: axillary or terminal, 1-flowered. Flower: bud nodding; sepals 2, shed at flower; petals generally 4, free, obovate to wedge-shaped, white to red or purple; stamens many, free; placentas 4–20, style 0(1), stigma disk- or head-like, lobes 4–20. Fruit: dehiscent by pores below stigma. Seed: many, < 0.7 mm, reniform, net-ridged, brown or black.
70+ species: especially Eurasia. (Latin: poppy) Papaver dubium L. (fruit ± oblong, glabrous; peduncle hairs near flower appressed, stiff), perhaps in California as waif.

Key to Papaver

1. Style present; stigma head-like, lobes 4–11 ..... P. heterophyllum

1' Style 0; stigma disk-like, lobes 4–20

2. Cauline leaf base clasping; fruit 3–5 cm, round ..... [P. somniferum]

2' Cauline leaf base not clasping; fruit 1–2 cm, narrowly obovate to round

3. Peduncle hairs appressed; leaf segments linear to lanceolate; fruit bristly

4. Fruit oblong to club-shaped, hairs sparse, soft ..... [P. argemone]

4' Fruit obovate to round, hairs dense, stiff ..... P. hybridum

3' Peduncle hairs 0 or spreading; leaf segments oblong to lanceolate; fruit glabrous

5. Petals 10–20 mm; peduncle glabrous or soft-hairy; fruit narrowly obovate; native, after fire or disturbance ..... P. californicum

5' Petals 20–40 mm; peduncle bristly; fruit widely obovate to round; alien, from cultivation ..... P. rhoeas


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