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Gary L. Hannan

Annual, glabrous; sap colorless. Leaf: basal and a few cauline, generally entire, glabrous; basal spoon-shaped, cauline linear to linear-spoon-shaped. Inflorescence: generally terminal and axillary, 1-flowered; peduncle > leaves. Flower: sepals 3; petals 6, free, obovate to oblong, white (yellow), shed after flower; stamens 4–6 or 12, free; placentas 3, style 0, stigma lobes 3, ± erect, ovate. Fruit: linear, dehiscent from tip, twisted. Seed: many, 0.5–1 mm, ovate to reniform, smooth, shiny, brown or black.
3 species: western North America. (Greek, Latin: little poppy) Meconella linearis moved to Hesperomecon.

Key to Meconella

1. Receptacle without expanded ring beneath sepals; anthers linear-oblong, >= 1/2 filaments; stamens 6, in 1 series ..... M. denticulata

1' Receptacle with expanded ring beneath sepals; anthers widely elliptic to round, < 1/2 filaments; stamens (6)12(6), in 2 series, or 4–6, in 1 series

2. Stamens generally 12 (fewer in smallest plants), in 2 series, outer filaments < inner ..... M. californica

2' Stamens 4–6, in 1 series, outer filaments = inner ..... M. oregana


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