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Plants generally submerged except inflorescence, or vegetative when all-submerged (emergent to ± terrestrial); rhizomes, stolons slender. Stem: unbranched proximal to inflorescence. Leaf: blade flat to convex, 3-sided, or abaxially keeled. Inflorescence: heads axillary and terminal, 2–60+; bracts leaf-like, distal reduced. Staminate flower: stamens 2–8. Pistillate flower: ovary chambers 1–2(4), stigmas generally 1(2–4). Fruit: drupe-like, spongy; perianth parts attached, style and generally stigmas persistent as beak; floating, water-dispersed.
± 17 species: northern temperate, western Pacific. (Probably Greek: swaddling band, for strap-shaped leaves) [Kaul 2000 FNANM 22:271–277] Fruit head diam including fruit beaks; fruit body lengths except beak, stalk-like base; beak lengths including stigmas.
Unabridged references: [Cook & Nicholls 1986 Bot Helv 96:213–267, 1987 Bot Helv 97:1–44]

Key to Sparganium

1. Inflorescence main axis branches (0)1–4; staminate heads ± 10–60; stigmas > 1 on 5–100% of pistillate flowers; fruit body (except beak) ± truncate to hemispheric distally; plants ± terrestrial or emergent, not aquatic, erect ..... S. eurycarpum

2. Stigmas 2(3–4) on ± (40)60–100% of pistillate flowers; fruit body except beak 8–9 mm, 5–7 mm wide, distally ± truncate to low-rounded ..... var. eurycarpum

2' Stigmas 2 on ± 5–40% of pistillate flowers; fruit body except beak 5–8 mm, 3–6 mm wide, distally rounded to generally tapered ..... var. greenei

1' Inflorescence main axis branches 0; staminate heads <= 10; stigma 1; fruit body (except beak) distally tapered or rounded; plants terrestrial to aquatic, erect to limp

3. Staminate heads 1–2; stigma 0.3–0.8 mm; fruit beak 0.5–1.5 mm; plants generally aquatic, limp ..... S. natans

3' Staminate heads 3–7; stigma (0.6)0.8–2(2.5) mm; fruit beak >= 1.5 mm; plants terrestrial to emergent, aquatic, limp or not

4. Leaf blades ± flat, or convex, or generally some obscurely 3-angled or keeled, widest 1–5 mm wide; fruit beak 1.5–2.2 mm; staminate heads 3–4(5), crowded in flower; plants generally aquatic, limp, distal parts floating ..... S. angustifolium

4' Leaf blades generally 3-angled or keeled, especially proximally, generally obscure in pressed specimens, widest 5–13 mm wide; fruit beak (2)3–4(5) mm; staminate heads 3–7, well-separated to crowded in flower; plants generally terrestrial to emergent, erect, or aquatic and limp with distal parts floating ..... S. emersum


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