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John C. Game, Alan R. Smith and Thomas Lemieux

Rhizome generally ascending to suberect, short, old stipe bases many. Leaf: often glandular or hairy; stipe base ×-section with 2 vascular strands; blade 1–2-pinnate, segments ± toothed to pinnately lobed, veins free, ending just short of margin. Sporangia: sori round, generally not at margins; indusium cup-like, often of many segmented hair- or scale-like fragments or lobes encircling sorus from below, often of crusty, ± white beads, often obscure in age.
± 30 species: generally northern temperate. (J. Woods, Britain, b. 1776) [Windham 1993 FNANM 2:270–280] {hort link}
Unabridged references: [Brown 1964 Beih Nova Hedwigia 16:1–154]

Key to Woodsia

1. Hairs on abaxial leaf axes ± 0.5–1 mm, ± flat, segmented, nonglandular, and ± 0.1 mm, cylindric, non-segmented, glandular ..... W. scopulina

1' Hairs on abaxial leaf axes 0 or ± 0.1 mm, cylindric, non-segmented, glandular

2. Indusium of segmented hairs ..... W. oregana

2' Indusium of scale-like fragments or lobes ..... W. plummerae


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