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1. Leaf generally 1-pinnate, rarely to partly 2-pinnate; pinnae generally simple, ± entire to serrate, in Polystichum kruckebergii sometimes 1-lobed

2. Leaf 10–15(25) cm; pinnae simple or generally lobed at bases of lowest ..... P. kruckebergii (2)

2' Leaf 10–120(200) cm; pinnae simple

3. Proximal pinnae ± deltate, ± 1/2 longest; stipe 1/10–1/6 blade ..... P. lonchitis

3' Proximal pinnae ovate to lanceolate, ± = to ± 2/3 longest; stipe generally 1/5–1/2 blade

4. Stipe base scales ovate, ± 3(6) mm wide, those above proximal pinnae generally > 1 mm wide, persistent; pinnae generally in 1 plane; indusium ciliate ..... P. munitum

4' Stipe base scales lanceolate, ± 2–3 mm wide, those above proximal pinnae generally < 1 mm wide, falling early; pinnae ± in 1 plane or not; indusium ± entire to toothed ..... P. imbricans

5. Leaf 15–80 cm; pinnae ± in 1 plane, longest 3–6(10) cm; sori submarginal ..... subsp. curtum

5' Leaf 15–50 cm; pinnae often not ± in 1 plane, longest 2–5 cm; sori ± near midvein ..... subsp. imbricans

1' Leaf 1–2-pinnate, rarely to partly 3-pinnate;; pinnae deeply pinnately lobed to 1-pinnate, at least at bases of lowest

6. Segment teeth without bristle-like tips; serpentine ..... P. lemmonii

6' Segment teeth with bristle-like tips; serpentine or not

7. Leaf generally 2- to rarely partly 3-pinnate; pinnules abruptly narrowed to attachment < 0.5 mm wide, often with a lobe on distal side of base; rachis with persistent scales ..... P. dudleyi

7' Leaf generally 1- to partly 2-pinnate; pinnules gradually tapered to attachment < 3 mm wide, lobes 0; rachis with deciduous scales

8. Smallest scales on abaxial blade surface hair-like; blade generally > 5 cm wide ..... P. californicum

8' Smallest scales on abaxial blade surface linear, few hair-like; blade generally < 5 cm wide

9. Proximal pinnae ± deltate, longest < 1(1.5) cm ..... P. kruckebergii (2)

9' Proximal pinnae ± lanceolate, longest 1.5–3 cm ..... P. scopulinum


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