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Annual, perennial herb, generally < 12 cm. Inflorescence: umbel subtended by involucre. Flower: parts in 5s; calyx tube scarious, lobes acute; corolla salverform, tube narrowed at top, lobe tips obcordate or notched; filaments ± 0 or short, anthers free, oblong, included; ovary superior, spheric, style short. Fruit: 5-valved, spheric.
± 100 species: northern temperate, arctic, especially Asia. (Greek: uncertain sea-plant) [Schneeweiss et al. 2004 Syst Biol 53:856–876]
Unabridged references: [Robbins 1944 Amer Midl Naturalist 32:137–163; Schneeweiss et al. 2004 Syst Biol 53(6):856–876]

Key to Androsace

1. Calyx ± 2(3) mm; leaf blade abruptly narrowed to petiole ..... A. filiformis

1' Calyx (2.5)3–6 mm; leaf blade tapered to petiole

2. Involucre bracts lance-linear to lanceolate, generally < 0.5 mm wide; corolla >= calyx; 2700–3600 m ..... A. septentrionalis

2' Involucre bracts lanceolate to ovate, < 1.7 mm wide; corolla < calyx; < 1700 m

3. Calyx lobes awl-like, tips acute, stiff; peduncles 1–several ..... A. elongata subsp. acuta

3' Calyx lobes widely lanceolate to deltate, tips acute to obtuse, not stiff; peduncles generally 1 ..... A. occidentalis


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