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Nancy J. Vivrette

Shrub. Stem: trailing, forming mats, < 20 dm, nodes rooting; flower-branches ascending. Leaf: opposite, ± linear-elliptic, fleshy, glabrous, ± triangular in ×-section. Inflorescence: 1-flowered, terminal; bracts 2. Flower: 3–15 cm diam; sepals 5, unequal, margins of smaller 2–3 expanded, papery; petals free, magenta, pink, yellow, or white; stamens many, erect, white or yellow; ovary inferior, chambers 6–14[20], styles 0, stigmas 6–14[20], sessile, linear, hairy. Fruit: berry-like, fleshy, indehiscent. Seed: many, glossy brown, in fleshy pulp.
14 species: southern Africa, Chile, Australia. (Greek: fruit edible)

Key to Carpobrotus

1. Flower 3–5 cm diam, petals rose-magenta; ovary chambers 6–8; leaf 4–7 cm, rounded-triangular in ×-section, abaxial angle smooth ..... C. chilensis

1' Flower 8–10 cm diam, petals yellow (± white) aging pink; ovary chambers 7–14; leaf 6–10 cm, sharp-triangular in ×-section, abaxial angle serrate near tip ..... C. edulis


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