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[Annual] perennial herb, subshrub; hairs 0 or simple, glaucous. Leaf: basal, proximal-most cauline petioled, simple to entire or 1(2)-pinnately lobed; middle, distal cauline petioled to sessile, base occasionally lobed or sagittate. Inflorescence: dense, elongated. Flower: sepals oblong to linear, spreading to reflexed, base not sac-like; petals yellow to white, long-clawed; filaments equal; anthers linear, coiled. Fruit: silique, dehiscent, linear, flat parallel to septum or cylindric, unsegmented; stalk above receptacle [0.4]0.6–2.8 cm; style 0 or short, stigma entire. Seed: 10–70, in 1 row, oblong, wingless.
7 species: western United States. (E.S. Stanley, English ornithologist, 1775–1851) Concentrates selenium to TOXIC levels, rarely eaten.

Key to Stanleya

1. Middle, distal cauline leaves sessile, base lobed to sagittate ..... S. viridiflora

1' Middle, distal cauline leaves petioled, base not lobed or sagittate

2. Seeds 46–70; petal claw glabrous; filaments 5–13 mm; petal blade 0.3–1 mm wide, linear ..... S. elata

2' Seeds 10–38; petal claw hairy; filaments 11–28 mm; petal blade 2–3 mm wide, oblanceolate to oblong ..... S. pinnata var. pinnata


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