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Annual to perennial herb, occasionally with caudex or rhizome; hairs simple or 0. Stem: prostrate to erect, branched or not, leafy. Leaf: basal rosetted or not, simple, entire or dentate to 1–3-pinnately divided; cauline petioled or sessile, generally lobed to sagittate at base, entire to dentate or pinnately lobed. Inflorescence: elongated or congested; bracts 0 [rarely throughout]. Flower: sepals erect to spreading, base not sac-like, generally deciduous (persistent); petals present (vestigial or 0), yellow [white or pink], generally not clawed. Fruit: silique, linear or narrowly oblong, or silicle, spheric to ovoid or broadly oblong; dehiscent, unsegmented; stigma entire or ± 2-lobed. Seed: 10–300, 1(2) row(s) per chamber, generally wingless.
85 species: worldwide, on all continents except Antarctica. (Latinized Old Saxon: for these or perhaps other crucifers) [Al-Shehbaz & Price 1998 Novon 8:124–126] Other taxa in TJM (1993) moved to Nasturtium.
Unabridged references: [Stuckey 1972 Sida 4:277–340]

Key to Rorippa

1. Cauline leaf bases not lobed or clasping ..... R. tenerrima

1' At least some cauline leaf bases lobed or clasping

2. Inflorescence umbel-like in fruit, congested; sepals persistent ..... R. subumbellata

2' Inflorescence elongated, not umbel-like in fruit; sepals generally deciduous

3. Plants papillate; hairs hemispheric, sac-like ..... R. sinuata

3' Plants not papillate; glabrous or hairs cylindric

4. Fruit valves soft hairy; sepals persistent ..... R. columbiae

4' Fruit valves glabrous; sepals deciduous

5. Fruit ± spheric, 1.2–3 mm

6. Perennial herb; pedicel 4–15 mm; petals 3–5 mm; style 1–1.5(2) mm ..... R. austriaca

6' Annual or biennial; pedicel 1.5–3.7(4.3); petals 0.6–1.2 mm; style 0.1–0.7(1) mm ..... R. sphaerocarpa

5' Fruit not spheric, (2)4–18 mm

7. Stem erect, unbranched at base; petals (1.5)1.8–2.5(3) mm ..... R. palustris

8. Stem, abaxial leaf surface densely bristly ..... subsp. hispida

8' Stem, generally abaxial leaf surface glabrous ..... subsp. palustris

7' Stem erect, prostrate to decumbent, or ascending, branches generally few to several from base; petals 0.5–1.8(2) mm

9. Fruit ovoid to pear-shaped; petals erect ..... R. curvipes

9' Fruit linear to oblong; petals spreading ..... R. curvisiliqua


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