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1. Petals 3–9(12) mm, 1.5–3 mm wide

2. Fruit valves densely hairy inside; sepals 1.8–3.2 mm; petal claw 1.5–3.5 mm ..... E. cheiranthoides

2' Fruit valves glabrous (sparsely hairy) inside; sepals 4–8 mm; petal claw 3–8 mm ..... E. repandum

1' Petals (10)13–30(35) mm, 3–10(15) mm wide

3. Most proximal stems woody; plant generally subshrub

4. Fruit hairs 2-rayed; stigma lobes 2, prominent, longer than wide; petals orange to yellow, brown, red, purple, violet, or white ..... E. cheiri

4' Fruit hairs 2–4-rayed; stigma lobes obscure, as long as wide; petals yellow or cream

5. Fruit flat perpendicular to septum; leaf hairs 2(3)-rayed ..... E. insulare

5' Fruit flat parallel to septum or 4-angled; leaf hairs 2–5-rayed

6. Distal leaves petioled; fruit flat parallel to septum; pedicel stout, 5–17(22) mm ..... E. franciscanum

6' Distal leaves sessile; fruit 4-angled or ± flat parallel to septum; pedicels slender, (3)5–10 mm ..... E. suffrutescens

3' Proximal stems not woody; plant biennial or perennial herb

7. Basal leaves thread-like to narrowly linear, margins ± rolled under, appearing cylindric ..... E. teretifolium

7' Basal leaves various, flat, not thread-like or narrowly linear

8. Fruit constricted between seeds; seeds 26–44; petals 3.5–6 mm wide ..... E. perenne

8' Fruit not constricted between seeds; seeds (32)42–86; petals (5)6–16 mm wide

9. Pedicels 2–4(6) mm; seeds 1.5–3 mm wide, broadly ovate to ± round ..... E. concinnum

9' Pedicels 4–17(25) mm; seeds 0.7–2 mm wide, oblong

10. Fruit erect or ascending (± spreading); petals orange or occasionally orange-yellow to yellow (lavender to ± purple); seeds winged only at tip or wing 0; widespread ..... E. capitatum

11. Seeds winged at tip, 2–4 mm, (0.8)1–2 mm wide; fruit flat parallel to septum (4-angled); petals generally orange, occasionally orange-yellow or yellow; adaxial hairs of basal, proximal cauline leaves generally 3(7)-rayed ..... var. capitatum

11' Seeds wingless, 1.5–2(2.4) mm, 0.7–1.2 mm wide; fruit 4-angled (flat parallel to septum); petals generally yellow (lavender to ± purple); adaxial hairs of basal, proximal cauline leaves generally 2(3)-rayed ..... var. purshii

10' Fruit spreading; petals yellow; seeds winged all around; North Coast, Central Coast

12. Basal leaves linear-oblanceolate, 2–9 mm wide; stem 0.4–9(13) dm; fruit valve midvein prominent; seeds 50–86 ..... E. ammophilum

12' Basal leaves spoon-shaped, 5–15 mm wide; stem 0.2–2.5(3.5) dm; fruit valve midvein obscure; seeds 32–74 ..... E. menziesii


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