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Annual to perennial herb, generally cushion- or mat-forming, occasionally scapose, hairs simple, forked, or many-branched. Leaf: basal generally rosetted; cauline entire or shallowly toothed, base generally not lobed, occasionally 0. Inflorescence: generally many-flowered, elongated or not; bracts generally 0. Flower: sepals bases equal; petals generally short-clawed, yellow or white (lavender or red). Fruit: silique or silicle, dehiscent, linear to lanceolate or ovate, occasionally ovoid or spheric, cylindric or flat parallel to septum, unsegmented; stigma entire. Seed: in 2 rows; wing generally 0.
370+ species: northern hemisphere, South America mountains. (Greek: acrid, describing taste of crucifer leaves) [Al-Shehbaz & Windham 2007 Harvard Pap Bot 12:409–419]
Unabridged references: [Beilstein & Windham 2003 Syst Bot 28:584–592; Hitchcock 1941 Univ Washington Publ Biol 11:1–132; Koch & Al-Shehbaz 2002 Ann Missouri Bot Gard 89:88–109; Rollins & Price 1988 Aliso 12:17–27; Schulz 1927 Pflanzenreich IV 105(Heft 89):1–396]

Key to Draba

1. Annual or biennial

2. Petals deeply 2-lobed; inflorescence axis generally wavy in fruit ..... D. verna

2' Petals not divided; inflorescence axis straight in fruit

3. Style (0.8)1–3.5 mm ..... D. corrugata (2)

3' Style <= 0.4 mm

4. Inflorescence umbel-like in fruit ..... [D. reptans]

4' Inflorescence elongated to ± congested, not umbel-like in fruit

5. Inflorescence axis glabrous

6. Cauline leaves (0)1–5; pedicels 3–14 mm, <= fruit ..... D. albertina (2)

6' Cauline leaves 4–12(15); pedicels 7–28(35) mm, > fruit ..... [D. nemorosa]

5' Inflorescence axis hairy

7. Basal leaves not rosetted, late-season flowers without petals; seeds 0.5–0.7 mm, ovoid ..... D. cuneifolia

7' Basal leaves rosetted, late-season flowers with petals; seeds 0.8–1.1 mm, oblong ..... D. praealta (2)

1' Perennial herb

8. Basal leaves abaxially glabrous (leaf margins hairy)

9. Style (1)1.6–3 mm

10. Fruit glabrous; seed 3–4.5 mm wide, round, winged ..... D. carnosula

10' Fruit hairy; seed 1–1.6 mm, oblong, wingless ..... D. howellii

9' Style 0.1–0.8 mm

11. Plant cushion-forming; leaf midvein prominent ..... D. densifolia (2)

11' Pl. not cushion-forming; leaf midvein obscure

12. Pedicel base not decurrent; fruit 1.5–3 mm wide, narrowly lanceolate ..... D. cruciata

12' Pedicel base decurrent; fruit 2.2–4.5 mm wide, ovate to lance-elliptic ..... D. incrassata (2)

8' Basal leaves abaxially hairy

13. Plant cushion-forming; flowers yellow; cauline leaves 0

14. Style 1.5–3.8 mm; seeds winged ..... D. pterosperma

14' Style 0.1–0.8(1) mm; seeds wingless

15. Leaf hairs sessile, comb-like, 7–16-rayed, long axis parallel to midvein ..... D. oligosperma

15' Leaf hairs stalked, not comb-like, 2–12-rayed, long axis not parallel to midvein

16. Fruit not symmetric, flat, generally twisted ..... D. sierrae

16' Fruit symmetric, flat or base inflated, not twisted

17. Leaves abaxially sparsely hairy, hairs 2–4-rayed; fruit flat ..... D. densifolia (2)

17' Leaves abaxially densely hairy, hairs 2–12-rayed; fruit inflated proximally

18. Inflorescence generally elongated in fruit; basal leaves ciliate, adaxial hairs simple, some 2-rayed ..... D. novolympica

18' Inflorescence umbel-like in fruit; basal leaves not ciliate, adaxial hairs 5–12-rayed ..... D. subumbellata

13' Plant not cushion-forming; flowers white (yellow); cauline leaves (0)1–many

19. Inflorescence axis glabrous

20. Hairs on basal leaves 8–12-rayed on abaxial surface ..... D. lonchocarpa (2)

20' Hairs on basal leaves 2–5-rayed on abaxial surface, occasionally also simple

21. Fruit base ± inflated; petals white; inflorescence umbel-like in fruit ..... D. monoensis (2)

21' Fruit base flat; petals yellow; inflorescence elongated in fruit

22. Seeds 8–12; pedicels decurrent at base ..... D. incrassata (2)

22' Seeds (12)14–44; pedicels not decurrent at base

23. Perennial herb, short-lived, not tufted; seeds 20–44; style <= 0.1 mm; petals 2–3 mm ..... D. albertina (2)

23' Perennial herb, not short-lived, tufted; seeds 12–20; style (0.2)0.5–2 mm; petals 4–7 mm

24. Seeds winged; basal leaves not ciliate; fruit generally not twisted, straight, occasionally ± twisted ..... D. asterophora

24' Seeds wingless; basal leaves ciliate; fruit twisted, curved ..... D. sharsmithii

19' Inflorescence axis hairy

25. Basal leaves with simple hairs; petals persistent ..... D. longisquamosa

25' Basal leaves with some branched hairs; petals deciduous

26. Style (0.8)1–3.5 mm; petals yellow

27. Cauline leaves 0(1) ..... D. saxosa

27' Cauline leaves 4–33

28. Fruit oblong, not twisted; seeds 10–20; most proximal flowers bracted ..... D. aureola

28' Fruit elliptic, generally twisted; seeds 16–28; flowers not bracted ..... D. corrugata (2)

26' Style 0.1–0.6 mm; petals white (yellow)

29. Leaf hairs simple or 2-rayed

30. Flowers yellow; fruit flat, ± twisted, 2.5–5 mm wide ..... D. lemmonii

30' Flowers white; fruit ± inflated proximally, not twisted, (1.2)1.5–2.5 mm wide ..... D. monoensis (2)

29' Leaf hairs generally 4–12-rayed

31. Fruit hairs 2–7-rayed only

32. Inflorescence not bracted; plant tufted; stem (1)2–10(15) cm ..... D. breweri

32' Inflorescence bracted proximally; plant not tufted; stem (6)10–30(38) cm ..... D. cana

31' At least some fruit hairs simple

33. Inflorescence 8–30(37)-flowered; leaves dentate; seeds (24)30–52 ..... D. praealta (2)

33' Inflorescence 3–13-flowered; leaves entire; seeds 16–32

34. Leaf hairs on both surfaces 4–8-rayed; inflorescence axis not wavy in fruit; sepals persistent ..... D. californica

34' Leaf hairs on abaxial surface 8–12-rayed; inflorescence axis ± wavy in fruit; sepals deciduous ..... D. lonchocarpa (2)


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