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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


[Annual] perennial herb from rhizome or short underground caudex, glabrous to soft-hairy. Stem: generally erect, 1–several. Leaf: basal simple to pinnately lobed or compound, tapered to petiole; cauline ± sessile to ± clasping, pinnately lobed to compound, distal lobe generally > others. Inflorescence: cyme, clustered, ± dense to open, terminal or axillary. Flower: calyx lobes 5–15, rolled inward, plumose in age, spreading, persistent in fruit; corolla ± funnel-shaped, white to pink, lobes ± equal, throat >> tube, occasionally swollen near base, tube slender, occasionally obscured by swollen throat; stamens 3; ovary ± 1-chambered. Fruit: generally compressed, generally 6-veined vertically.
± 200 species: temperate worldwide except Australia. (Latin: strength, from use in folk medicine, or after Valerian, a Roman emperor) [Bell & Donoghue 2005 Organisms Diversity Evol 5:147–159]

Key to Valeriana

1. Corolla 3–4.5 mm, throat ± > lobes

2. Corolla throat asymmetric, with small swelling on 1 side just distal to tube; leaves generally short-hairy ..... V. californica

2' Corolla throat symmetric, evenly tapered to tube on all sides; leaves glabrous to sparsely hairy — Warner Mountains ..... V. occidentalis

1' Corolla 4.5–8 mm, throat ± 2 × lobes

3. All basal leaves generally simple; White and Inyo Mountains ..... V. pubicarpa

3' At least some basal leaves lobed to compound; Northwestern California ..... V. sitchensis

4. Leaflets not lobed, fine-crenate to -dentate; < 1200 m ..... subsp. scouleri

4' Leaflets irregularly lobed to sparsely toothed; 1500–2200 m ..... subsp. sitchensis


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