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Abigail J. Moore

Annual, glabrous to subglabrous. Stem: generally erect, 5–80 cm, ×-section generally angled, branches 0–few. Leaf: simple, basal and cauline, opposite, generally entire; basal short-petioled, spoon-shaped; cauline generally sessile, oblong to ovate or obovate. Inflorescence: clustered, head-like or interrupted spike, terminal; bracts palmately divided into 3–5 linear segments. Flower: calyx 0; corolla 2-lipped to ± radial and funnel-shaped, white to dark pink, tube base generally spurred; stamens 3. Fruit: achene; body ± triangular, 2–4 mm, strongly winged or not, wings lateral, wide, ± glabrous to densely hairy.
5 species: western North America, southwestern South America. (Greek: spur) [Morey 1962 Ph.D. Dissertation, Stanford Univ] Self-fertile; large-flowered taxa cross- and self-pollinated, small flowered taxa self-pollinated only. Wing shape, color, hairiness vary in some species.

Key to Plectritis

1. Fruit winged or not, if winged then wing margins ± = thickness as wing body; spur tip generally enlarged; spur generally < 1/2 corolla tube length (occasionally ± 0) ..... P. congesta

2. Corolla 1.5–3.5 mm, white to pale pink; flower fragrance weak to 0 ..... subsp. brachystemon

2' Corolla 4–9.5 mm, pale to dark pink; flowers fragrant ..... subsp. congesta

1' Fruit winged, wing margins >= 2 × as thick as wing body; spur tip enlarged or not; spur generally >= 1/2 corolla tube length

3. Corolla 2-lipped, pink to dark pink, lower corolla lobes > upper, when fresh lower lip with 2 red spots; spur slender, pointed; immature fruit pink to brown; mature fruit wing margins > 3.5 × as thick as wing body, wing margins rolled inwards ..... P. ciliosa

3' Corolla ± radial, white to pale pink, corolla lobes ± equal, red spots 0; spur thick, blunt; immature fruit white; mature fruit wing margins 2–3.5 × as thick as wing body, wing margins spreading, not rolled inwards ..... P. macrocera


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