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Wayne P. Armstrong

Plants much reduced, not differentiated into stems, leaves; floating aquatics just below water surface; roots 0. Plant body: generally in unequal 2s; 3–10 mm, linear to oblong, thin-membranous, flat, free ends generally recurved; budding pouch triangular, with track of long cells on lower surface between midline, margin; winter buds 0. Flower: produced in cavity on upper surface; sheathing membrane 0; stamen 1; pistil 1. Seed: smooth.
10 species: worldwide, especially warm temperate, tropics. (Diminutive of Wolffia) [Landolt 1984 Veröff Geobot Inst ETH Stiftung Rübel Zürich 51:164–172]

Key to Wolffiella

1. Plant body 4–10 mm, widely oblong, ends strongly recurved; budding pouch angle 80–120° ..... W. lingulata

1' Plant body 3–5 mm, linear to narrowly oblong, ends generally not to ± recurved; budding pouch angle generally 40–70° ..... W. oblonga


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