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Wayne P. Armstrong

Plants much reduced, not differentiated into stems, leaves; floating aquatics; roots 0. Plant body: generally in unequal 2s; 0.4–1.3 mm, ± cylindric to nearly spheric, floating on or partially below water surface; veins 0; budding pouch funnel-shaped; winter buds often produced. Flower: produced in cavity on upper surface; sheathing membrane 0; stamen 1; pistil 1. Seed: smooth.
11 species: worldwide, especially temperate, tropics. (J.F. Wolff, German botanist, physician, 1778–1806) [Armstrong & Thorne 1984 Madroño 31:172–179] Key for use at > 10×.

Key to Wolffia

1. Tip of plant body acute, upper surface ± concave or flat — dead plant with brown cells ..... W. borealis

1' Tip of plant body rounded, upper surface ± convex (except Wolffia arrhiza)

2. Upper surface of vegetative plant body with a conical bump near center; dead plant with brown cells ..... W. brasiliensis

2' Upper surface of plant body smooth; dead plants without brown cells

3. Upper surface dark green, flat; stomates generally 15–100 ..... W. arrhiza

3' Upper surface transparent green, ± convex; stomates 1–10(30)

4. Plant body 0.8–1.3 mm, ± spheric, upper surface mostly convex, center flat ..... W. columbiana

4' Plant body 0.4–0.8 mm, longer than wide, upper surface barely convex throughout ..... W. globosa


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