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Robert E. Preston, R. David Whetstone & T.A. Atkinson

Shrub, small tree; densely stellate-hairy; evergreen. Stem: decumbent to erect, < 7 m; inner bark gelatinous. Leaf: often on spur, ± ovate, generally with 3 main, few to many 2° lobes, otherwise entire; hairs generally denser abaxially, white and/or brown; stipules generally ± 2 mm or ± 4–4.5(9) mm. Inflorescence: flowers generally 1 opposite leaf or on spur; bractlets generally 3. Flower: (23)30–84 mm wide; petals 0; sepals spreading, widely ovate to ± round, showy, tips awned or not, adaxially pitted between raised, hard, fused basal margins, pits puberulent, long hairs on margins present or 0; filament tube ± = ovary, < style, fleshy; ovary (and fruit) sessile. Fruit: capsule, loculicidal, 5-valved, 2–4 cm, acute-ovoid, bristly, partly enclosed by dried calyx, chambers 2–3-seeded. Seed: 3.5–5.5 mm, ovoid, dull brown to shiny black.
3 species: California, Arizona, Mexico. (John C. Frémont, explorer in western America, 1813–1890) [Kelman et al. 2006 Madroño 53:380–387]

Key to Fremontodendron

1. Sepal pit margins lacking ± 1 mm silky hairs; plant erect, unbranched near ground; stipules ± 4–4.5(9) mm ..... F. mexicanum

1' Sepal pit margins (and occasionally surface) with ± 1 mm silky hairs; plant erect, branched near ground, or decumbent; stipules ± 2 mm

2. Plant erect, taller than wide; flower (23)35–60(76) mm wide; sepals yellow, margins ± red or not ..... F. californicum

2' Plant decumbent, much wider than tall; flower 30–50 mm wide; sepals orange, coppery, or ± red ..... F. decumbens


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