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Harlan Lewis

Annual, shrub, strong-scented. Stem: hairy, generally glandular. Leaf: simple; blade linear to ovate, entire. Inflorescence: cyme (raceme), axillary. Flower: calyx lobes 5, equal or uppermost 1 narrower; corolla blue to lavender, tube straight or curved upward, occasionally sharply recurved near throat, included to much-exserted from calyx, lobes 5, lowest a generally reflexed lip; stamens 4, attached near throat, generally much-exserted, ascending between upper corolla lobes, generally arched. Fruit: nutlets 4, joined in basal ± 1/3, puberulent to hairy, irregularly ridged.
± 17 species: North America. (Greek: hair, stamen) [Lewis 1945 Brittonia 5:276–303] Annual species generally flowering late summer, fall.

Key to Trichostema

1. Shrub, < 1.5 m

2. Corolla tube 9–14 mm; inflorescence hairs 2–3 mm, obscuring pedicel ..... T. lanatum

2' Corolla tube 4–7 mm; inflorescence hairs 1–2 mm, not obscuring pedicel ..... T. parishii

1' Annual, < 1 m

3. Petiole distinct, 5–15 mm

4. Corolla tube 4–8 mm, exserted, lower lip 4–7 mm ..... T. laxum

4' Corolla tube 1.5–3 mm, included, lower lip 2–3 mm ..... T. simulatum

3' Petiole indistinct or < 5 mm

5. Corolla tube curved abruptly upward near throat; stamens 5–20 mm

6. Stamens 5–9 mm ..... T. ruygtii

6' Stamens 11–20 mm

7. Leaf blade 2–7 cm, lanceolate to narrowly ovate, length > 3 × width; corolla tube 5–10 mm ..... T. lanceolatum

7' Leaf blade 1–2 cm, ovate, length < 2 × width; corolla tube 2.5–5.5 mm ..... T. ovatum

5' Corolla tube curved gradually upward; stamens 2–6 mm

8. Stem, leaf hairs curled to appressed; stamens 2–3 mm, ± included to ± exserted ..... T. micranthum

8' Stem, leaf hairs straight, generally spreading; stamens 3–6 mm, exserted

9. Calyx lobes < 2 × tube; calyx tube > mature nutlets; mature calyx generally red-tinged ..... T. rubisepalum

9' Calyx lobes > 2 × tube; calyx tube < mature nutlets; mature calyx green

10. Leaf blade widely elliptic, length generally < 4 × width; calyx lobes generally widest above base ..... T. oblongum

10' Leaf blade elliptic, length generally > 4 × width; calyx lobes widest at base ..... T. austromontanum

11. Leaf <= internode above ..... subsp. austromontanum

11' Leaf >> internode above ..... subsp. compactum


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