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John M. Miller & Dieter H. Wilken

Annual, perennial herb, glabrous to short-hairy. Stem: ascending to erect, branched or not. Leaf: petioled, crenate to deeply lobed, lobes oblong. Inflorescence: generally spike-like, occasionally few-flowered, flowers subtended by leaves or bracts. Flower: calyx ± radial, 10-veined, 5-lobed, lobes ± equal; corolla 1-lipped, tube split above, lip 5-lobed, ± flat, distal lobe > lateral lobes, tip rounded, lateral lobe tips acute to obtuse; stamens 4, lower pair generally > upper; style lobes generally equal.
± 100 species: worldwide, especially Mediterranean. (Teucer, a Trojan monarch) [Wagstaff et al. 1998 Plant Syst Evol 209:265–274] Teucrium canadense L. var. occidentale (A. Gray) E.M. McClintock & Epling, not in California.
Unabridged references: [Cronquist & Reveal 1984 Intermountain Flora 4:303–304; McClintock & Epling 1946 Brittonia 5:491–510]
Unabridged note: Teucrium canadense L. var. occidentale (A. Gray) E.M. McClintock & Epling, a hairy perennial herb with ovate to lanceolate, serrate leaves known from Arizona, Oregon, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Washington, northern to Canada and southern to Mexico., not in California; Teucrium fruticans L. is alien but not naturalized.

Key to Teucrium

1. Annual, 1–3 dm, simple to branched at base; pedicels <= 5 mm; corolla lip 4–8 mm, white to ± blue, purple-spotted ..... T. cubense subsp. depressum

1' Perennial herb, 5–10 dm, generally branched throughout; pedicels 8–25 mm; corolla lip 10–17 mm, white, generally violet-streaked ..... T. glandulosum


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