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1. Stem hairs short proximally, conspicuously glandular distally; style hairy; upper corolla lip ± = lower, 2-lobed, deeply hooded ..... A. lanceolata

1' Stem hairs 0 to long, if glandular then inconspicuous; style glabrous; upper corolla lip < lower, entire, shallowly hooded

2. Upper stamens sterile; anthers glabrous; South Coast, sw Peninsular Ranges ..... A. ilicifolia

2' Upper stamens fertile; anthers hairy; Central Western California, Western Transverse Ranges

3. Anthers pink-red; margins of distal leaves not spiny; stem generally unbranched; inflorescence generally terminal; Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area ..... A. duttonii

3' Anthers cream; margins of distal leaves spiny; stem generally branched proximally; inflorescence terminal and axillary; South Coast Ranges, Western Transverse Ranges ..... A. obovata

4. Hairs of stem and calyx 0 to short, not glandular; bracts round to wider than long, cordate-clasping at base; Outer South Coast Ranges, w&c Western Transverse Ranges ..... subsp. cordata

4' Hairs of stem and calyx short or long, some inconspicuously glandular; bracts generally longer than wide, obtuse to truncate at base; Inner South Coast Ranges ..... subsp. obovata


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