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Tree, deciduous. Leaf: simple, opposite to whorled, cordate. Inflorescence: panicle, terminal. Flower: calyx inflated, 2-lipped, purple-green; corolla fragrant, lower petal notched; stamens included, anther sacs 2; staminode included, glabrous. Fruit: linear, not flat. Seed: 6–12 mm, oblong; glabrous.
10 species: temperate North America, eastern Asia. (Muscogee: winged head, for corolla)
Unabridged etymology: (Muscogee: kut├║hlpa, winged head, for corolla; corrupted to "Cataba" and "Catawba" based on erroneous attribution to a different tribe of Native Americans; both "Caltalpah" and "Catalpa" used by Catesby, who introduced the plant to England in 1726; Linnaeus published Bignonia catalpa in 1753; Scopoli established the genus Catalpa in 1777)
Unabridged references: [Ness 2003 Oecologia 134:210–218]

Key to Catalpa

1. Leaf blade 10–26 cm, tips acute; corolla < 3.5 cm, white with yellow and purple markings in throat; calyx < 15 mm ..... C. bignonioides

1' Leaf blade 15–30 cm, tips acuminate; corolla 4–6 cm, white with yellow stripes or brown dots in throat; calyx 15–25 mm ..... C. speciosa


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