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Key to Caulanthus

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1. Cauline leaves petioled or occasionally ± sessile, bases not lobed or sagittate

2. Perennial herb with woody caudex, glabrous or sparsely hairy

3. Stem strongly inflated ..... C. crassicaulis

3' Stem not inflated (± inflated)

4. Basal leaves not rosetted; pedicel 5–35 mm; stigma lobes opposite septum margins ..... C. glaucus

4' Basal leaves rosetted; pedicel 1–6 mm; stigma lobes opposite valves ..... C. major

2' Annual or biennial (short-lived perennial herb), woody caudex 0; glabrous or moderately to densely stiff-hairy proximally.

5. Sepals, petals, stamens widely spreading; filaments ± equal in length ..... C. anceps

5' Sepals, petals, stamens erect (sepals ascending to spreading); filaments in 2 or 3 pairs of unequal length

6. Petals 2.5–5(6.5) mm, neither channeled nor wavy-margined, undifferentiated into blade and claw; calyx not urn-shaped ..... C. lasiophyllus

6' Petals (6)8–17.5 mm, channeled, generally wavy-margined, well differentiated into blade and claw; calyx generally urn-shaped

7. Petals ± white or ± purple; seeds 152–198 ..... C. pilosus

7' Petals creamy white (pink); seeds 44–96

8. Stamens 4 long, 2 short; fruit 3.8–7.7 cm; seeds 44–58 ..... C. flavescens

8' Stamens in 3 pairs of unequal length; fruit 6.5–12.5 cm; seeds 78–96 ..... C. hallii

1' Cauline leaves sessile, bases lobed, sagittate, or clasping

9. Stem much inflated, to 4 cm wide ..... C. inflatus

9' Stem not inflated

10. Fruit flat perpendicular to septum; seeds ± spheric ..... C. californicus

10' Fruit cylindric, flat parallel to septum, or 4-sided; seeds ovoid to oblong

11. Inflorescence with a terminal cluster of sterile flowers; stamens in 3 pairs of unequal length, filaments of upper or lower pairs fused

12. Fruit reflexed (spreading); leaf hairs 2-rayed forked and simple; cotyledons deeply 3-lobed; stigma lobes 0.5–1.5 mm ..... C. coulteri

12' Fruit erect to ascending; leaf hairs simple; cotyledons entire; stigma lobes 1–4 mm ..... C. lemmonii

11' Inflorescence without a terminal cluster of sterile flowers; stamens generally 4 long, 2 short, filaments free

13. Plant glabrous throughout; stamens in 3 pairs of unequal length; fruit spreading to ascending ..... C. amplexicaulis

13' Plant hairy at least basally; stamens 4 long, 2 short; fruit reflexed (spreading)

14. Hairs 0 or appressed, 2-rayed; distal stem generally wavy, generally weak ..... C. cooperi

14' Hairs spreading, simple; stem straight, rigid

15. Fruit flat parallel to septum or 4-sided; cauline leaves lance-linear ..... C. heterophyllus

15' Fruit cylindric; cauline leaves ovate to oblong ..... C. simulans


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