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Specimen numbers are hyperlinked to records in the Consortium of California Herbaria data view where possible. Taxa are hyperlinked to entries in the Jepson Interchange via the "[Online Interchange]" link.


Annual to perennial herb, from taproots, fibrous roots, or tuber-like rhizomes; hairs 0 or simple. Leaf: alternate, opposite, or whorled; entire to palmately, pinnately lobed, or compound; cauline leaves petioled or 0, not lobed at base [lobed]. Inflorescence: elongated, bracts generally 0. Flower: sepals erect (spreading), bases sac-like or not; petals white, pink, purple, or violet. Fruit: silique, linear, flat parallel to septum, dehiscent, unsegmented; valves generally coiling when dehiscent; placental margins flattened. Seed: (4)10–80, in 1 row, wingless.
± 200 species: temperate, worldwide. (Greek: for cress) Some North American species (e.g., Cardamine californica, Cardamine nuttallii, Cardamine pachystigma) highly variable, more study needed; species treated conservatively here. Cardamine flexuosa With. a waif in gardens, nurseries.
Unabridged note: Some North American species (e.g., Cardamine californica, Cardamine nuttallii, Cardamine pachystigma) highly variable and numerous minor variants were recognized as varieties. C ritical studies of these complexes reveal that only a fraction of the overall continuous variation was formally recognized. Without detailed molecular and cytological studies, a broader sp. concept is adopted herein.

Key to Cardamine

1. At least some cauline leaves simple or 0

2. Caudex distinct; rhizomes 0; cauline leaves 0 or 1(2) ..... C. bellidifolia

2' Caudex 0; rhizomes present; cauline leaves 2–23

3. Rhizome not fleshy, 1–3 mm wide; rhizome leaves generally 0 ..... C. cordifolia

3' Rhizome fleshy, (3)4–18 mm wide; rhizome leaves present

4. Petals white or pale rose, 8–13(15) mm; seeds 12–22; stem (2)2.7–6(7) dm; leaflets of rhizome leaves (0)3(5–7) ..... C. californica (2)

4' Petals pink to purple (white), 14–18 mm; seeds 10–14; stem 1–3 dm; rhizome leaves simple ..... C. pachystigma

1' Cauline leaves pinnately or palmately compound; leaflets 3–25, occasionally pinnately divided, appearing compound

5. Annual or biennial; rhizomes 0

6. Basal leaves not rosetted, early-deciduous ..... C. pensylvanica

6' Basal leaves rosetted, persistent

7. Stamens 4(6); pedicels erect to ascending; fruit generally appressed, glabrous; seeds margined ..... C. hirsuta

7' Stamens 6; pedicels ascending to spreading; fruit generally not appressed, sparsely hairy or glabrous; seeds not margined ..... C. oligosperma

5' Perennial herb; rhizomed

8. Rhizome not fleshy, cylindric

9. Rhizome leaves present; seeds 6–16(24) ..... C. angulata

9' Rhizome leaves 0; seeds 14–28 ..... C. breweri

8' Rhizome fleshy, segments fusiform, ovoid to oblong or spheric

10. Leaflets of cauline leaves 5–7; sepals 1.7–2 mm; petals 4–6 mm ..... C. occidentalis

10' Leaflets of cauline leaves 3(5); sepals 3.5–5.5 mm; petals 8–15 mm

11. Cauline leaves 2–5; stem (2)2.7–6(7) dm; seeds 12–22; petals white or pale rose ..... C. californica (2)

11' Cauline leaves 1–3; stem 0.5–2(3) dm; seeds 8–16; petals pale pink to purple (white) ..... C. nuttallii


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