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Ronald B. Kelley & Dieter H. Wilken

Annual, perennial herb [shrub], glabrous to bristly or strigose. Stem: prostrate to erect, branched. Leaf: generally cauline, petioled to sessile, generally entire. Inflorescence: flower 1 in axils or many in terminal coiled spike-like cymes. Flower: corolla rotate to bell-shaped, white to purple; stamens attached on upper tube, included, anthers ± sessile; style 0 or not lobed, stigma 1, linear to disk-like. Fruit: nutlets 2 or 4, erect, generally ovoid to spheric, smooth, roughened, or hairy, scar generally lateral.
± 250 species: temperate, tropics. Ornamental, cultivated for medicinal drugs. (Greek: sun turning, from some species flowering at summer solstice)
Unabridged references: [Ewan 1942 Bull So Calif Acad Sci 41: 51–57]

Key to Heliotropium

1. Perennial herb

2. Stems, leaves not fleshy, short-soft-hairy; corolla purple ..... H. amplexicaule

2' Stems, leaves fleshy, glabrous; corolla white ..... H. curassavicum var. oculatum

1' Annual

3. Corolla 8–15+ mm diam; flowers 1 in axils; Desert ..... H. convolvulaceum var. californicum

3' Corolla 3–5 mm diam; inflorescence many in terminal coiled spikes; n&c Sierra Nevada Foothills, Great Central Valley, Central Coast, San Francisco Bay Area, Modoc Plateau ..... H. europaeum


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