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Gary L. Hannan

Annual, generally glabrous; sap colorless. Stem: branched, 10–70 cm. Leaf: cauline, 2–6 cm, finely pinnately dissected or compound. Inflorescence: terminal raceme. Flower: bilateral; sepals 2, shed after flower; petals 4, cream to purple, persistent after flower, outer 2 petals free, upper spurred at base, inner 2 adherent at tips, oblanceolate, crested on back; stamens 6, ± fused in 2 sets opposite outer petals; ovary ± spheric, style 1, deciduous, stigma dot-like. Fruit: ± nut, ± round, 1-seeded. Seed: 1.
± 50 species: Eurasia, Africa. (Latin: smoky, perhaps from odor of fresh roots)

Key to Fumaria

1. Petals 9–14 mm; pedicel recurved in fruit; fruit ± compressed laterally ..... F. capreolata

1' Petals 3–9 mm; pedicel ascending or spreading in fruit; fruit not compressed laterally

2. Sepals 1.5–3.5 mm; petals 5–9 mm, purple; bract < pedicel in fruit; fruit not keeled ..... F. officinalis

2' Sepals 0.5–1 mm; petals 3–6 mm, white to pink, inner purple-tipped; bract > pedicel in fruit; fruit keeled ..... F. parviflora


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