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Subshrub; hairs barbed. Leaf: linear to ± round, entire to toothed; base tapered to cordate. Inflorescence: raceme, generally terminal; bracts 3 per flower, outer 1 > inner 2. Flower: sepals ± deciduous; petals free or claws adherent, fused below blades; stamens generally 5, free; ovary ± ovoid, placenta 1, stigma 1. Fruit: achene, ± ovoid, generally 5-veined or -ribbed, erect. Seed: 1, 1.5–2.5 mm, ± fusiform, generally smooth.
5 species: southwestern United States, northwestern Mexico. (Greek: petal claw) [Davis & Thompson 1967 Madroño 19:1–32]

Key to Petalonyx

1. Petals free; leaves linear to narrowly (ob)lanceolate ..... P. linearis

1' Petal claws adherent, ± tubular; leaves lanceolate to widely ovate

2. Leaves petioled, cauline ± equal ..... P. nitidus

2' Leaves sessile, cauline reduced upwards ..... P. thurberi

3. Hairs soft, spreading; stamens 4–7.5 mm ..... subsp. gilmanii

3' Hairs rough, appressed downward; stamens 6–10 mm ..... subsp. thurberi


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