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Ruth E.B. Kirkpatrick, Alan R. Smith, Thomas Lemieux & Edward Alverson

Plant in rocky places; rhizome creeping-decumbent, scales brown. Leaf: tufted, deciduous or evergreen, of 2 kinds, fertile more erect, with longer stipes, longer, narrower segments than sterile; stipes dark, scaly at base, tan to ± green, glabrous above base; blades 2–4-pinnate, triangular, lanceolate, or elliptic; veins free. Sporangia: along veins, submarginal, appearing to cover surface at maturity; false indusia linear, from segment base to tip.
11 species: temperate North America, South America, Europe, Asia. (Greek: hidden line, from protected sori) {hort link}
Unabridged references: [Alverson 1989 Amer Fern J 79:95–102]

Key to Cryptogramma

1. Sterile leaves leathery, opaque when held up to light, hairs small, 0.1 mm, appressed, especially in grooves of axes adaxially, stipe bases 1–2 mm wide, persistent, blades persistent or not ..... C. acrostichoides

1' Sterile leaves thin, translucent when held up to light, glabrous, stipe bases < 1 mm wide, shriveling or deciduous, blades deciduous ..... C. cascadensis


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