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Robert E. Preston & Duane Isely

Annual, perennial herb, unarmed. Stem: generally sprawling or climbing, ridged or angled. Leaf: even-1-pinnate; stipules with an upper and smaller lower lobe, entire to dentate; leaflets 4–many, alternate to opposite (often on 1 plant), linear to ovate; main axis generally ending as tendril. Inflorescence: raceme or cluster, axillary; peduncle or pedicels present; bracts small or 0. Flower: corolla generally lavender to purple, occasionally white or yellow; 9 filaments fused, 1 free; style generally not ± flat, puberulent at tip, all around or especially abaxially. Fruit: dehiscent, generally ± oblong, generally flat; base stalked or not. Seed: >= 2.
± 160 species: North America, Eurasia, South America, Africa. (Latin: vetch) [Steele & Wojciechowski 2003 Adv Legume Syst 10:355–370]
Unabridged references: [Hermann 1960 USDA Handb 168]

Key to Vicia

1. Leaflet 5–12 cm; plant erect; tendrils 0 ..... [V. faba]

1' Leaflet generally 1–4 cm; plant sprawling or climbing; tendrils generally present

2. Inflorescence a cluster of 1–4 flowers, peduncle ± 0, < pedicels

3. Corolla 5–6 mm ..... [V. lathyroides]

3' Corolla 10–30 mm

4. Corolla pink-purple to ± white; banner glabrous; fruit hairy initially, glabrous at maturity ..... V. sativa

5. Calyx tube 4.5–5.5 mm, lobes 3–4.5 mm; corolla 10–18 mm, pink-purple to ± white ..... subsp. nigra

5' Calyx tube 6–7 mm, lobes 5–11 mm; corolla 18–30 mm, generally pink-purple ..... subsp. sativa

4' Corolla yellow or yellow-white, often purple-blotched or -tinged; banner puberulent abaxially or glabrous; fruit hairy

6. Banner glabrous; fruit hairs from conspicuous tubercles ..... V. lutea

6' Banner puberulent abaxially; fruit hairs not from conspicuous tubercles ..... [V. pannonica]

2' Inflorescence a raceme, peduncled

7. Corolla 3–9 mm

8. Fruit 6–10 mm, with spreading hairs, stalk-like base 0; leaflets 10–16, flowers generally 2–8 ..... V. hirsuta

8' Fruit 10–30 mm, glabrous or ± strigose, stalk-like base ± 1–2 mm; leaflets, flowers various, included as at 8.

9. Fruit 10–13 mm, tip rounded, style reflexed; leaflets 4–10, linear to elliptic, peduncle thread-like, 1–3 cm, often curved, 1–3-flowered ..... V. tetrasperma

9' Fruit 10–30 mm, tip tapered to style, straight to curved; leaflets or peduncle not as at 9.

10. Leaflets ± 12–20; flowers 2–6; seeds 2 ..... [V. disperma]

10' Leaflets 4–10; flowers 1–3; seeds generally > 2

11. Style hairs at tip, generally abaxial; leaflet tip generally truncate, notched, or 1–5-toothed; flowers separated or 1 ..... V. hassei

11' Style hairs at tip, below, all around; leaflet tip acute, 1-toothed, or occasionally truncate; flowers generally crowded or 1 ..... V. ludoviciana subsp. ludoviciana

7' Corolla > 9 mm

12. Leaf generally 1–1.5 dm; leaflets 16–24, larger 2.5–4 cm — fruit often upcurved, ± 12–13 mm wide ..... V. gigantea

12' Leaf rarely > 1 dm; leaflets either fewer or smaller than at 12.

13. Flowers 1–3, crowded at tip of inflorescence axis; fruit hairy, margins ciliate; stipules unlobed, dentate ..... [V. bithynica]

13' Flowers 3–25, ± evenly spaced along inflorescence axis; fruit glabrous to strigose, margins not ciliate; stipule lobes entire or lower lobe dentate

14. Flowers generally spaced, on > 1 side of axis (except occasionally when pressed), 15–25 mm, length when pressed 2.5–3.5 × width; stalk-like fruit base 2–5 mm ..... V. americana subsp. americana

14' Flowers not spaced, generally on 1 side of axis, generally < 18 mm, length when pressed generally 4–6 × width; stalk-like fruit base 1.5–3 mm

15. Inflorescence generally ± = subtending leaf, 3–12-flowered; corolla dark or red-purple; fruit densely strigose ..... V. benghalensis

15' Inflorescence generally > subtending leaf, generally 10–25-flowered; corolla blue-purple or lavender to ± white; fruit glabrous or with short, sparse appressed hairs

16. Calyx generally obliquely attached but only ± lopsided-swollen at base; flower length when pressed ± 3–3.5 × width; fruit 6–7 mm wide ..... [V. cracca]

16' Calyx both obliquely attached and lopsided-swollen at base; flower length when pressed 4–6 × width; fruit 6–10 mm wide ..... V. villosa

17. Hairs on stems, leaves 0 or sparse, appressed, ± 1 mm; lower calyx lobe narrowly lanceolate, generally 1–2.5 mm ..... subsp. varia

17' Hairs on upper stems, leaves not sparse, spreading, 1–2 mm; lower calyx lobe linear, 2–4 mm ..... subsp. villosa


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