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Margriet Wetherwax & Elizabeth McClintock

Shrub [tree], deciduous to evergreen. Leaf: opposite [alternate or ± whorled], short-petioled to sessile, linear to oblong or lanceolate. Flower: generally fragrant; calyx ± bell-shaped, lobes generally 4, ± <= tube; corolla bell- to funnel-shaped or salverform, lobes generally 4, < tube, abruptly spreading; stamens generally 4, anthers ± sessile. Fruit: 2-parted; calyx persistent. Seed: many, generally winged.
± 100 species: America, Africa, Asia. (Rev. Adam Buddle, England, 1660–1715) [Norman 1967 Gentes Herb 10:47–114] Treated in Buddlejaceae in TJM (1993).

Key to Buddleja

1. Plant densely hairy ± throughout; inflorescence spheric, head-like ..... B. utahensis

1' Plant densely hairy only on abaxial leaf surfaces; inflorescence cylindric or wide-spreading, panicle-like

2. Leaf lanceolate, 5–30 cm; corolla lilac to purple; stamens included within corolla tube ..... B. davidii

2' Leaf linear to oblong, 1.5–10 cm; corolla white or cream; stamens exserted from corolla tube ..... B. saligna


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