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Thomas J. Rosatti & Charles D. Bell

Shrub, slender, generally hairy, also ± glandular, especially in inflorescence, generally deciduous. Leaf: simple, entire to lobed. Inflorescence: compound cyme, umbel-like, generally terminal, rounded or ± flat-topped, generally with oblanceolate bracts, marginal flowers larger, sterile or all flowers ± alike; peduncles 1.5–4 cm; rays generally 7. Flower: ovary chambers 1 (2 abort), ovule pendent; style short, stigma lobes 3. Fruit: drupe, drupe-like. Seed: 1.
± 250 species: northern temperate, subtropics. (Latin: for pliable branches used in binding) [Clement et al. 2014 Amer J Bot 101:1029–1049] Viburnum rigidum naturalized in San Francisco Bay Area (Tilden Park); material previously identified as Viburnum edule belongs instead to Viburnum opulus.

Key to Viburnum

1. Leaves (except distal) 3-lobed, dentate, widely ovate; petiole with a few large glands distally, without nonglandular hairs; inflorescence with marginal flowers larger, sterile ..... V. opulus

1' Leaves unlobed, coarsely dentate above middle or entire, elliptic or ovate-lanceolate to round or cordate; petiole without glands, with many nonglandular hairs throughout; inflorescence with all flowers ± alike, fertile

2. Leaves coarsely dentate above middle, elliptic to round or cordate ..... V. ellipticum

2' Leaves entire, ovate-lanceolate to -round ..... V. rigidum


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