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1. Corolla lobes hairy inside, ± = throat (subg. Symphoricarpos)

2. Plant 6–18 dm, erect; corolla swollen on 1 side, with 5 nectary glands within swelling; inflorescence generally 8–16-flowered ..... S. albus var. laevigatus

2' Plant 1.5–6 dm, sprawling; corolla scarcely or not swollen, nectary glands 5, 1 below each corolla lobe; inflorescence generally 2–8-flowered ..... S. mollis

1' Corolla lobes glabrous inside, << throat or tube (subg. Anisanthus)

3. Corolla ± salverform, 8–15 mm, tube slender, glabrous inside, 3–4 × spreading lobes; nectary 1; leaf ± similar adaxially, abaxially, blade generally 4–12 mm ..... S. longiflorus

3' Corolla narrowly bell-shaped, 6–10 mm, tube wide, ± hairy inside, 2–3 × erect lobes; nectaries 5; leaf more obviously veined abaxially, blade generally 8–20 mm ..... S. rotundifolius

4. Plant trailing; corolla tube inside sparsely hairy throughout; s High Sierra Nevada, Southwestern California, East of Sierra Nevada, Desert Mountains ..... var. parishii

4' Plant ± erect; corolla tube inside hairy in middle 1/3, otherwise glabrous; Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Great Basin Floristic Province ..... var. rotundifolius


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